Pandoro, to use it’s modern name originates from the city of Verona, in the region of Veneto, northern Italy. Known as pan d’oro (golden bread), Pandoro is a rich, sweet and feathery soft yeasted cake baked in a distinct star shape. Traditionally served at Christmas in Italy this bread is typically dusted with vanilla scented icing sugar. The aroma of the bread itself is simply divine!

Above is the finished product of my first attempt making this wonderful sweet bread. Now this wasn’t my first time making a sweet bread however. I’ve made Panettone, Colomba and brioche before with more failures than successes. The amount of times I have overworked the dough is beginning to out number the digits on my hands! But with practise perfection is within ones grasp!

Before diving into the inevitably involved process I researched many recipes noting the method and quantity of ingredients. Unlike Panettone and Colomba this bread doesn’t have a filling and so I believe the key ingredient here is butter, so I included plenty of it! Along with the butter, vanilla and cocoa butter make up the unique aroma of Pandoro.



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