Panettone by Massimo Vitali

As my quest to perfect the art of producing panettone continues I decided upon placing yet another recipe under my belt. This time the recipe comes from master baker Massimo Vitali via It includes cocoa butter and milk powder unlike others I have tried. I have plenty of cocoa butter but no milk powder so I left this out. Other than a few adjustments with water and flavourings it’s as described in the formula.

Quick Baguette

Finally some bread for my bread blog…

235 67 Flour*
235 67 Water @ 30C
7 2 Malt Powder
2.8   Instant yeast
Final Dough:    
115 33 Flour*
7 2 Salt
601.8g 171%  

*Mixed flour made from 10% Canadian flour and 90% French Bread Flour (contains, malt, ascorbic acid)

Dissolve malt and yeast in the water. Add flour and mix to combine. Leave at 30C for 2-2.5hrs or until mature (wrinkled)

final dough:
Add remaining flour and knead until smooth. Add salt and finish the mix to achieve full gluten development. Total kneading time 5-10mins depending on mixer.

Leave to rise at 30C until double, 30-45 mins.

Scale, rest and shape as you wish. Proof until doubled. Slash and finally, bake with steam.