Commercial Style White Loaf

This recipe will make a loaf perfect for toasting and as light as the ones common in supermarkets without all the added rubbish.

To achieve the vast volume we need three things, very strong flour, lots of kneading and acidity.

We need to ferment some, well most of the flour to bring acidity to the dough. I’ve used a wet and warm ferment to lower the pH quickly and allow protease enzymes to do their thing contributing softness to the crumb.


375g very strong flour (Canadian spring red wheat)
375g water (30C)
15g fresh yeast
6g honey

Mix to combine and ferment at 30-32C for 3 hours until the pH drops to around 5.3 at which time the mix will have fallen.

final dough:

175g flour as above
22g oil of your choice, I used olive
11g salt
55g firm sourdough (optional) / or 2g diastatic Malt*

Mix and knead to obtain a strong windowpane. Rest for ten minutes before shaping. Prove at 30C until increased in volume by two and a half times, around 45 minutes.

Bake with steam throughout.

*UPDATE: 22/01/2014. The bread I made (pictured) included the sourdough. After retrying the formula, I have realised as suspected that without the sourdough the yeast activity will become sluggish. Please add 2g of diastatic malt to make this work.