Panettone Paradiso


“Extra paradise” panettone from Cresci

286    10000    Flour 280W
66     2300    Lievito Naturale
100     3500    Sugar
149     5200    Water
100     3500    Butter
   .29       10    Fresh yeast

40     1400    Sugar
57     2000    Honey
  2.86      100    Malt powder
   .86       30    Fresh yeast
100     3500    Butter
63     2200    egg yolks
86     3000    Bari Walnuts
57     2000    Raisins
29     1000    Dark choc drops
  2.86      100    Salt
——    —–    Orange zest
——    —–    Vanilla
1139.87    39840


I made two changes, one was to omit the added compressed yeast and the other was  substituting some of the walnuts with candied orange peel.

One of my finest panettoni. Incredibly soft and light which makes hard work when slicing. A fantastic bready texture that tears beautifully when pulled apart.

This is a very difficult formula to achieve success. The enriching ingredients in ratio to the flour are higher than any other panettone. This is due to their being no flour added in the second dough.



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