7 thoughts on “La Tecnica del Panettone

  1. I’d been on the look out for panettone information for quite a while when I found you on thefreshloaf! I’m finally gonna bake one.
    I would like to read more about the importance and the proper kneading technique.
    Also Michael, have you ever kneaded panettone by hand (I don’t have a dough hook..)?

    • Hi Catarina.
      I have kneaded a similar type of dough by hand but not actually a panettone dough. One the difficulties is that the high level sugar and egg yolks make the dough quite sticky. Not until these ingredients are fully incorporated does it become more cohesive.

  2. hey mike, i have been on here asking about flours. I recently tried to marriage flour and had great results and the second time i had them fall out of the molds.

    so m,y question is about the bread falling out of the molds when you hang them, have you had this experience? what do you think this could be a result of? i haven’t found much online relating to the bread falling out, other than that it can be due to too much acidity from immature madre. But I’ve had this happen even when my madre is mature.



    • Hi Nick
      Being a newbie, I also had that terrible outcome. From that experience and from what I read that could have happened because of the acidity (the madre can be mature but too much acidic for this kind of dough. Or the type of acids developed in a wrong ratio – it matters how it is kept) or it was underbaked…

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