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The importance of 00 grade flour for the application of LM processing

Flour suitable for refreshing lievito madre.

Company / BrandProductAlveograph WNotes
Le 5 StagioniTipo “00” Manitoba> 410With added gluten
Molino DallagiovannaRinfresco Del Lievito Madre380Used by Iginio Massari
Molino DallagiovannaPanettone360-380
Molino Grassi00 Panettone> 400 
Molino PassiniPanettone370-390Used by Roy Shvartzapel
Molino QuagliaPETRA 6384 (PANETTONE)370-390Used by Rolando Morandin

Important qualities when selecting flour for LM:

W > 330, Ideally 380 – Compensate for weaker flours by using a lower hydration.

Type 00 (<0.55% ash) – Essential for ensuring fast acidification that reaches the target pH 4.1.

It is quite essential that the flour used for LM maintenance has a very low ash content. Under Italian law, 00 is defined as a maximum ash content of 0.55%, on a dry matter basis. In North America under AACC standards this would equate to 0.47% ash (14% moisture basis).

Ash, the quantification of mineral (inorganic matter) content affects fermentation by providing a buffering capacity. Problematically, higher ash levels lead to a greater acid load within the starter dough and the rate of acidification is slowed, the pH takes longer and possibly too long to decrease to the optimum 4.1.

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