Italian bread


400g flour, Canadian wheat
180g water, 10C
4g compressed yeast

Mix slowly adding water gradually to form a ball. Final dough temperature 18C. Leave to ferment at 18C for 18 hours.

Final dough:

100g flour
160g water
2g diastatic malt
5g honey
9g salt

Combine flour, malt, honey and 100g water with the biga cut into pieces. Mix until combined. Rest for 10-20 minutes. Add salt with enough water to hydrate and continue mixing. Add the remaining water in stages to form a smooth dough.

Bulk ferment until doubled (30-45 minutes). Scale, shape, prove and bake.

100% flour
68% water
1.8% salt
1% honey
.4% diastatic malt

Simple Bread with Lievito Madre

Biga Acida / Primo Impasto

25g lievito madre, refreshed at lest once. pH 4.1-4.3
50g water
100g flour ‘00’ (W280-320)

Let rest for 10-12 hours at room temperature.

Final dough

150g biga
300g flour ‘00’ (W280-320)
220g water
8g salt

Autolyse flour with 165g of water. Tear off pieces of the biga and incorporate. Dissolve salt in the remaining water and add to the dough. Mix to an elastic dough. Let rest for 90 minutes at 28-30C. Shape and prove at 28-30C for 3 hours and then at room temperature for 1 hour before baking.

Sandwich loaf

Lievito madre bound for 12hrs @ 18-20C.

autolyse: 80% canadian wheat, 10% white spelt, 10% light rye. 55% hydration. 12hrs @ ~20C.

Bath lievito for 20 minutes in sweetened water @ 20-22C.
1st refresh: [1]:[1.5] ([lievito]:[flour]) 28C for 4 hours.

133g lievito refreshed
620g autolyse
58.6g water
15g oil
10g honey
9.7g salt

Bulk ferment for 90 minutes @ 28C. Proof @30C for 3-4 hours or until generously tripled.


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